Windrift Hill Handmade Goat Milk soap

windrift hill handmade goat milk soap
Handcrafted, moisturizing Goat Milk Soaps and Lotions

About Our Goats at Windrift Hill Farms

It’s a chilly autumn morning in Conrad, Montana and the goats are hungry! Fortunately for them, Dick Maier’s daily routine is underway. He’s a retired schoolteacher and has good reason to spoil his 40 Nubian goats. The milk they give him every morning is the key ingredient in Windrift Hill's handmade soaps, lotions and body butters.

Dick Maier and Windrift Hill Goats

A word from Deena:

"Our days here are filled to the brim from mornings to evenings feeding and milking our girls, a top priority. Our herd of at least forty adult Nubian Goats and numerous kids are raised on a hill facing the beautiful Rocky Mountain Front. Each doe is hand milked twice daily and produces an average of one gallon of milk per day.

"The girls all have names that match their great personalities. They bring much joy and laughter to our farm. We do not let our moms raise the kids. To ensure healthy kids we bottle feed ours from the start. The milk from the mom's is pasteurized to ensure healthy kids. We pride ourselves on a clean herd. Healthy goats are our goal with good milking characteristics. Our goats work just as hard as we do! All the milk produced by the goats is turned into 94,000 bars of soap, 23,000 tubs of body butter and 36,000 bottles of lotion every year.".... Deena Maier

windrift hill goat milk soap
Sweet Georgia

Business has been so brisk at Windrift Hill that the Maiers may have to move out of their soap production facility which had been Dick’s old workshop. If they move to a larger building they may also invest in a little more automation so they can take the occasional day off.

To say the work schedule has impacted the Maier’s life is an understatement. The business is their life. And all of Windrift Hill’s employees are family. Their daughter does marketing and sales while two sons help out, too. The days are long but Deena’s not complaining. She’s convinced that, just like their soaps and other products, this family workforce is the perfect blend for success. So give yourself a healthy treat and try some of Windrift Hill's fabulous goat milk soaps and products today!

nubian goat and boy
Deena's grandson Jagger & Sweet Georgia

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